SDH 148: How to Develop a Passion That Aligns with You with Dr. Gabby Pelicci

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Are you able to see potential in others to be entrepreneurs? Do you want to help them grow into the leaders you know they can be?

The ability to see potential and desire to help is what sparked one of the businesses of today's guest, Dr. Gabrielle Pelicci, who is a Wellness Business Coach for Women in Wellness Career Training, and a leading expert as a Holistic Health Professor. Growing up with her father, who was a physician and constantly treated with antibiotics and other Western medicines, she realized she simply didn't feel good as a whole in her college years. Her diet was poor, as well as her physical health and her mindset as she coped with stress and anxiety.

So she began delving deeply into the holistic health scene and fell in love. She decided to go into it professionally and gained a Ph.D. in holistic health practices. She then began teaching Mind-Body Medicine and Holistic Health at universities across the country for about 10 years.

As a professor, she noticed a lot of her graduating students, who showed immense drive and leadership potential, were having trouble becoming entrepreneurs. She decided she wanted to help them  grow and give them the tools that they needed to succeed. She also wanted to help the students who may not exactly know what business they wanted to start in holistic health, but had an immense passion for the craft. She created a coaching business, Women in Wellness Club, for these budding healers and provided them to have a community of likeminded individuals and resources to start their careers, but also continued to help people who wanted a healthier lifestyle change.

Join us as we hear Dr. Gabby share her tips and her journey in healing at the source!

In this episode you will...

  • Know how to create a business based off of need
  • Learn how to inspire lifestyle change with your business
  • Discover how to develop your craft
  • Understand whether you like your business idea or LOVE IT and want to build a long-term career out of it
  • Know how to not follow a trend with your business idea and create it because you see a need for it
  • Find out how to engage your customer base and create relationships


"I wanted to create a place, and a conversation, and a community where they could easily find what they need and connect with likeminded people who can help them accomplish their goals." - Gabrielle Pelicci

"Even as an entrepreneur, you're going to face a lot of overwhelm, isolation, different types of lifestyle challenges as you're building.So if you're grounded in these holistic modalities, those things are going to help you be more successful in your business and you're career." - Gabrielle Pelicci

"If you're going to make a living doing this you have to develop some kind of strength in your craft if you really want to do this long-term as a business" - Gabrielle Pelicci

"I'm very driven by serving others. That's really what excites me and makes me want to create things that makes life a little bit easier for other people." -Gabrielle Pelicci


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