SDH 141: How to Differentiate Employee Vs Entrepreneur Mindset with Bridgette Mayer Johnson

What was your dream job when you were younger? As you got older did you realistically see yourself doing it anymore? Did your situation nurture your dream, or only enable it to be a far-fetched goal?

Today's guest, Bridgette Mayer Johnson, dealt with an unsteady  childhood, coupled with a lack of financial backing, so her dream of having a career in the arts didn't seem like a career path that would lead to a fruitful future. But she believed in her love for beautiful paintings and environments, and in 2001 she started Bridgette Mayer Galleries, which is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

 She recently opened up an art consulting firm outside of Los Angeles, California. In her 16 year entrepreneurial career, she has been able to expand her expertise in numerous art related fields, allowing her to express passion in whatever form she chooses.

Listen in as we hear Bridgette Mayer's path to success!

In this episode you will...

  • Know how to see the potential in yourself to be an entrepreneur
  • Differentiate between an employee and entrepreneur mindset
  • Figure out how to tailor your business to fit what you want to do in your industry
  • Understand the challenges your business will face as you enter into your market
  • Learn the benefits of creating strong relationships with your network and community
  • Learn how to grow from your struggles


"So many exciting things have happened for me professionally, things I could never predict; part of it was stepping on the path to doing what I was truly being called to do." -Bridgette Mayer

"No, I don't want to be an employee. I'm operating as an owner. And if I am an owner, essentially I can try anything within marketing and promoting artists, and I can really take on operating a top notch gallery business." -Bridgette Mayer

"To go through college and succeed and then to jump into the art world with zero money and build a multimillion dollar business, is not a typical story in my industry. So I wanted to put it out there to share with entrepreneurs, women, artists, creative people and to inspire them; give them an example that you can have a challenging life, and you can have a dream to do something and turn it into something and be very successful at it."-Bridgette Mayer


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