SDH 136: February Goals Accomplished (and not) + March's Goals with Amanda Boleyn

Hi friends! Amanda here for another solocast! Today I'm reflecting on February's goals, sharing March's focuses plus how to look at your to-do list to get the right things done and move your business forward. 

Woah. Where do I start? Anyone else feel like February flew by? Even though it was 2-3 days shorter than other months it felt like it was half the amount of days! Okay, maybe it was because I was out of town the last week of the month too.

Let's dive in. I'll be honest, February I didn't reach majority of the goals I set but that is okay. I always say that whether we're moving an inch or a mile the goal is to be moving forward. And that happened. 

I blocked out 9 areas for February (similar to last month - see HERE): Income, Email List, Instagram, PR, Facebook Live, Her Way Challenge Email, Listenership, Operations, Marketing/Content.

The ones highlighted in BOLD are the ones that were accomplished.

Below I'm going to highlight some areas based on what I learned:

  • Facebook Live: These give me a ton of energy because I am able to meet the people I interview in person and I LOVE that. It also allows me to repurpose content for later use, like a podcast episode!
  • Growing the email list: Almost finished with my first true lead gen: 5 Things You Must Know Before Launching a Business. I'm super excited for ya'll to see it! Will be sending it out no later than Thursday so sign up for the email list HERE! :D 

What I realized after reflecting was that instead of look at each area as MUST to focus on, instead focus on the 2-3 areas that produce results for the rest of the areas. Similar to the pareto effect: focus efforts on the 20% that will produce 80% of the results.

Alright, now for part deux of today's solocast:

How to look at your to-do list and get more of the right stuff done to move your business forward.

Last fall I saw Steve McClatchy, author of Decide speak at event I was at. I just started reading his book (which I wish I would have started sooner!) and oh. my. gawd. #gamechanger

I hope to share more bits and pieces that I'm learning from the book as I move through it. Okay, I'm going to dive right in... (and everything I'm sharing I took from Steve's book FYI!)...

When it comes to anything that we do in life it is either a Gain Task (GT) or a Prevent Pain Task (PPT)...anything and everything! 

Characteristics of each:

  • Gain Task
    • produce more positive results than PPT
    • typically never urgent
    • you could technically never complete the task
    • the result of a GT is achieving some form of leadership
    • you can't delegate a GT
  • Prevent Pain Task
    • something that never goes away, you check it off your list and it shows back up!
    • paying bills, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping

Look at your to-do list and see which ones are PPT vs GT. If we only cross of PPT's, then we never move forward in business and/or is called maintenance. 

You want to have a balanced to-do list...doing only PPT's lead to burnout. Our default is to do the PPT's because they are 1) easier to do and 2) they give us a jolt of satisfaction of accomplishment but they don't sustain us. 

Okay, so for this mindful of your to-do list: which tasks are GAIN TASK and which ones are Prevent Pain Tasks. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep rocking and moving towards your goals! 



Amanda Boleyn