SDH 119: How to Hustle & Keep Flow with Sarena Bahad

Are you good at your job but want to do something more? Maybe you feel as if your skills should be used to inspire people and do something that matters? You probably have a lot of hustle in you, but maybe it’s being used for something that’s not that important to you?

Today’s guest, Sarena Bahad, took her skills from advertising and other tech jobs such as being a part of Angel Hack, and used them to create the Women In Tech Snapchat.

In this episode you will…

·      Realize how Snapchat can be used as a positive narrative & business tool

·      Uncover the authenticity behind live social media

·      Compare the learning curve of Snapchat versus Instagram

·      Understand the importance of being surrounded by a boss squad

·      See how Sarena becomes centered

·      Know the importance of consistent self-care


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“Being successful in your career path and entrepreneurship doesn’t mean you need to work yourself to the bone. You should be working smarter; not necessarily driving yourself to unhealthy habits.” -Sarena Bahad

“I love the tech space because it’s such a space of abundance. Technology enables all industries now.” -Sarena Bahad

“If you use the digital landscape to help grow your career path, you’re a woman in tech.” -Sarena Bahad

“I’ve always been business minded, but I’ve always been attracted to creative industries.” -Sarena Bahad

“I wanted to use this skill set to help inspire more people to do things that matter.” -Sarena Bahad

“There’s always been that burning desire of, ‘ I really want to work on a project that’s important to me.” -Sarena Bahad

“Social media, especially with Snapchat, it’s a live component. There’s not really room for approvals. You just have to trust the creative and that’s part of the human storytelling style of that platform.”- Sarena Bahad

“A lot of people still think of Snapchat as a silly selfie app but if you really use it to weave together a narrative it can be really powerful.” -Sarena Bahad

“I think it’s important to be vulnerable and let people in on what you’re working on so there’s more collaboration.” -Sarena Bahad

“I’ve been very strategic about keeping a squad of women around me that are also working very hard, and I’m a part of different entrepreneurial groups.”- Sarena Bahad

“Whenever you are having those days where there is that self-doubt, I’m so thankful that I have a community of strong women that I can reach out to and just reset.”-Sarena Bahad

“Sometimes, what happens in the women in tech conversation is that we’re not sharing because there’s a fear of so much…”- Sarena Bahad

Amanda Boleyn