SDH 105: Find Your Value a Candid Conversation With Giovanna Silvestre

Are you confused with life? Sometimes your world gets flipped upside down, a job gone wrong, an end to a relationship, and you feel as if you've hit rock bottom. Maybe you feel like you're not good enough and have nothing of value to offer? You may even feel like this confusion is a bad thing.

But it's the opposite. 

Your confusion means that you are on the path to self discovery.

You are on the path to find your value.

Today's guest, Giovanna Silvestre, has used her confusion at a low point to create a blog Confused Girl in The City which grew into an empowering fashion line for women inspired by images of healing crystals.

In this episode you will...

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Confused Girl Ambassador Program

"Seat of the Soul" by Gary Zukav

"A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle


“After I was at my version of rock bottom, I was able to really build my life from that point because I no longer cared what other people thought of me. I felt like I didn’t have anything so why do I care what everyone thinks? Now I can do what I want.”-Giovanna Silvestre

“We all have a little warrior princess inside us.”-Giovanna Silvestre

“I meditated so I had more mind control, because before my mind controlled me.”-Giovanna Silvestre

“One day I woke up and nothing had changed in my life but I had this joy energy running through my body, and I felt what it was like to feel gratitude for the first time in my life.”-Giovanna Silvestre

“Joy really doesn’t come from the outside. It’s an inside job.”-Giovanna Silvestre

“I had this quote on my wall and it said ‘It’s not about seeking new landscape but it’s about having new eyes.”-Giovanna Silvestre

“We have two choices in life: I could be a coward or I can be brave. So let’s choose bravery, even though I don’t feel brave I’m going to choose that.”-Giovanna Silvestre

“When your whole world shatters choosing to be courageous, choosing you and what’s good for you, that’s really where your character is tested and where you build.”-Giovanna Silvestre

“ I knew how bad it feels to feel like you’re not worth anything and have no value, so I was like whatever I create I wanted it to give value to other women.”-Giovanna Silvestre

“It’s almost like when a seed is in the ground and it’s about to start growing... It has to push up through the ground.”-Giovanna Silvestre

“Just because you start something and it’s a great idea, don’t think that you’re not going to get resistance because the resistance is the whole part of the process.”-Giovanna Silvestre

“When you think nothing is happening, sometimes everything is happening.”-Giovanna Silvestre

“Why is being confused looked upon as negative?”-Giovanna Silvestre

Amanda Boleyn