SDH 104: Be A Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself with Heather Hartnett

Are you ready to take the leap and startup a company? You may not have an idea yet, but you want to be in an ecosystem that is full of ideas. Maybe when you surround yourself with people creating ideas, it may just spark an idea of your own? Perhaps, you have two passions you want to contribute to the ecosystem but you don’t know which one to follow?

You don’t have to choose just one.

You can combine your passions and be involved in one, or maybe all stages of starting up a company.

Today’s guest, Heather Hartnett, married her passions of startup and technology, to philanthropy. Heather is the CEO and founding member of venture studio,Human Ventures,where she combines her passions by investing in people who, she is confident, will bring a sustainable method to positive change.

Let’s talk tech. Tune in!

In this episode you will...

  • Discover what a venture studio is
  • Learn what the “future founder pipeline” is
  • Explore the importance of informal networks for company growth
  • Realize it’s possible to “marry” two career paths into one
  • Understand the “myth of the big idea”
  • Recognize why you need to know your own “personal risk tolerance"


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“Part of what really makes or breaks a company in the early days, is a strong network.”-Heather Hartnett

“If I don’t have an idea yet, that I know I want to start myself, how can I surround myself with people who are starting ideas and maybe it will start something? I kind of fell into the venture world at that point.”-Heather Hartnett

“My career has always had two paths: one, startup and technology, and the other how do I give back?”-Heather Hartnett

“Whatever stage you are in the company, then determines what leverage you have to bring on talent.”-Heather Hartnett

“People are more educated about the startup industry and that makes a more interesting landscape.”-Heather Hartnett

“I really think it’s great that people are deciding that they really want to take that leap and start companies.”-Heather Hartnett

“In New York there is this whole opportunity for new growth. Because people have been in the fashion industry for twenty years and they don’t know how to approach tech.”-Heather Hartnett

“Angel investors and platforms like human ventures are needed to really jumpstart the ecosystem.”-Heather Hartnett

“Part of the thing we love with human ventures is picking stock in people.”-Heather Hartnett

“It doesn’t have anything to do with age, but it’s really experience and industry that help with that mentorship.”-Heather Hartnett

“Inspiring confidence in somebody, to be able to take on something I know they can excel at, is one of my favorite things.”-Heather Hartnett

“Everyday you have to be a little out of your comfort zone or you’re not growing.”-Heather Hartnett

“You have to be learning as you’re convincing other people to come along for the ride with you.”-Heather Hartnett

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