SDH 100: Optimize Your Business With Holly Cardew

Is the entrepreneur, that has lived inside of you since you were young, calling out to you? Maybe you are taking those first baby steps towards the leap, or maybe you have even taken the leap and are having a shaky land. Sometimes the land isn't quite what we expect and we have to face the word we fear so much, that we stay in the comfort of our unsatisfying corporate job, 


It's time to take the lead up, leap and land, no matter if you face some minor bumps that some may call failure.

Because you can reach success

and you will reach success.

Today's guests, the CEO & Founder of pixc, Holly Cardew hit some bumps in the road with prior business ventures, but she finally found her own way to optimize her business and reach success. Did I mention she did this all without a business degree?

Tune in to follow her entrepreneurial journey and find ways to optimize your own journey.

In this episode, you will…

  • Understand the importance of surrounding yourself with good people
  • Discover the business strategies behind Holly's e-commerce site
  • Value breaking up projects into smaller components
  • Enhance your business with Holly's efficiency tricks & aha moments
  • Identify the hardships of working in business without a business degree

Tune in and get ready to talk tech!



“I've always been an entrepreneur. I opened my Ebay account when I was fourteen years old and I was selling online.”-Holly Cardew

"I've always wanted to be able to provide something to people that's of value, without ripping people off."-Holly Cardew

"What freaks me out is having to go to a job."-Holly Cardew

"I genuinely enjoy building technology, figuring things out and working in ecommerece."-Holly Cardew

"I'm such a curious person. Even though it didn't really work, I'm like 'why didn't it work? How can I make this work?"-Holly Cardew

"Curiosity really keeps me going."-Holly Cardew

"It's a bit like an Uber model where we have designers on demand."-Holly Cardew

"I haven't had corporate experience. I've had advisors around me and I've had to learn along the way."-Holly Cardew

"Everyone puts culture at the end of their to-do list. I instill culture since day 1."-Holly Cardew

"Building a company is like snakes and ladders. Sometimes you get to go on the ladder and go straight to the top, sometimes you land on the snake and slide all the way back to the beginning."-Holly Cardew

Amanda Boleyn