SDH 098: Invest In Your Mission | A Conversation with Renee DiResta

Do you feel as if your current job isn’t fulfilling a greater mission or purpose? Are you ready for a career reboot, but don’t have the time or resources to go back to school?  Do you fear taking the leap into a new industry without a supportive network? 

Maybe you’re ready to start your own startup, but are unsure how the funding process works, or even where to start?  

Today’s guest Renee DiResta, shares her journey from programmer at JP Morgan, to quantitative trader on Wall Street, when there were only 3 women on the trading desk, and eventually as a part of the founding team for a startup called Haven

In this episode, you will… 

  • Learn how to network effectively and find partners with similar visions 
  • Realize the importance of founders that inspire confidence 
  • Understand how the funding process works in the beginning stages of a startup 
  • Uncover the power of storytelling 
  • Identify the two sides of marketing 



“I wanted to be working on something big and I wanted to feel like I had a mission and something to motivate me. So, I come to work every morning very excited to keep taking steps toward that goal.” 

“Paying for a career reboot (graduate degree), had just too much in the way of opportunity cost, by the time I was thirty, and I just decided that I would take a more junior role in a new industry.” 

“I would see my own companies that I had backed, the hardware startups, kind of failing to set up a good solid economic supply chain, so I said OK I am going to have to build this.” 


Amanda Boleyn