SDH 093: Amplify Your Abundance | A Candid Conversation with Bri & Thais

Have you been taught the logical, practical ways of "life" from your parents, especially regarding money, that just doesn't work for you? Do you find yourself trying to ignore the voice that never fails to appear in the back of your mind, when making a financial decision?  The voice that you feel is so powerful, that whispers 'you can't afford it,' leading you to an automated process of self-doubt?

You may feel like all you have ever known about the "right" path to money, isn't the right path for you. It just doesn't seem like your version of what is true, yet you suffer because it's supposed to get better, right? 

It's time to do what you need. In the words of one of this episode's lady bosses, (YES, DOUBLE the boss wisdom) "It's not selfish. It's a requirement for you to be the late worker and the ambitious bad ass woman that you were born to be." -Thais

Today’s guests, and networking goddesses Bri and Thais, of The Amplify Collective, share their rich insight on a new perspective of viewing money, collaboration and the abundance growth that comes with.

Be a part of the candid conversation where we look beyond just the perks of entrepreneurship and dig deep.

Tune in and become your own boss!


In this episode, you will..

  • Uncover how "competitors" turned into collaborators 
  • Transform your money story
  • Realize the power of reaffirmation 
  • Learn how to give the voice in the back of your head space to exist
  • Master miracle moments






“We believe that there are more than enough people to serve and we are not in competition with one another. Our skills complement each other, very perfectly.” -Bri


“Miracles can occur. Possibilities are possible. You can make quantum leaps. Money doesn't have to limit us; we limit ourselves. ” -Thais


"If you don' t believe that's your truth, then rewrite a new truth for yourself." -Bri


“People ask us all the time, 'do you experience sexism?' We always respond with: we just don't choose to focus on that, because what you focus on grows.” -Thais


“I am not a victim of my circumstances.. A lot of it has been a conscious decision for me taking a stand of what I want, and the kind of woman I am in the world.” -Bri


“That's one of the best parts about being in a partnership, reflection to each other how there's always room for growth and for more.” -Thais

Amanda Boleyn