SDH 070: Set Your Own Trends & Do What You LOVE | An Interview with Lindzi Shanks

Some days you may feel like you are stuck in limbo, on a path that you are supposed to follow, not one you want to follow. Maybe you are leaving the office another hour later than you said you would last week, or working on a paper that you feel no inspiration towards, going through the motions of your daily work grind. And then –  it hits you: You would rather be working on a website about fashion—your real passion, or blogging about real estate, than trudging on one more day in the accounting position you chose because it felt safe and seemed like the right move to make. 

Today’s guest, Lindzi Shanks, decided to pursue a career in psychology, something that she felt she was supposed to do—until she realized that doing so was making her unhappy. She took the fearful leap from the familiar to the unfamiliar world of fashion and ecommerce, and spent her graduation working on developing her website. She is now the successful creator of, and she did it all without a business degree. 

In this episode, you will learn…

•    How to give yourself permission to pursue a passion
•    The truth behind running a business full-time
•    Ways to stay on brand
•    The importance of understanding the concept of intellectual property


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[Connect with Lindzi: Twitter (@trendysparrow), Facebook (thetrendysparrow), Instagram (@thetrendysparrow), Website: thetrendysparrow, TheTrendySparrow on Etsy]


Tweet: Ask yourself, are you doing what you love, or are you doing what you think you’re supposed to do? @trendysparrow

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