SDH 069: Leveling Up With Writing | An Interview with Rosie Morley

Do you have days (probably at the start of the work week) when it feels like you forgot all of the rules about commas, and the differences between words like 'effect' and 'affect' that you learned in elementary school? Are you responding to fifty different emails, on the go, maybe on your phone as you drop the kids off, or take the train, and don’t feel like you need to re-read your written responses before you send them off, because you simply don’t have time? Writing is a skill that is essential to every entrepreneur—whether it be something as simple as an email reply, or something bigger like a proposal for a partnership with another company. It’s time to stop the excuses, cut the slack, and level up your business with writing. 

Today’s guest, Rosie Morley, is a grammar goddess and co-founder of Hedera House, a company that provides editing expertise to help small-business owners, bloggers, and writers create high-quality content that stands out.

Listen in and start making your words sing!

In this episode, you will learn…
•    Some quick tips and tricks of punctuation and grammar
•    The top three mistakes writers make online & how to fix them
•    Why proofreading is absolutely necessary
•    The six writing rules that are myths


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[Connect with Rosie: Twitter (@hedera_house), Facebook (hederaep), Instagram (@hedera_house), Website: hederahouse]


Tweet: “Everyone wants to change the world in their own way, and that is my inspiration.” @hedera_house

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