SDH 025: Career and Life Changes (a deep-dive on franchising) with Hoddy Potter

Owner of two Bar Method studios in Kansas City, 35-year old mother of three, and a stage-four cancer survivor.

Bar Method is a low-weight, high-intensity exercise classes creating hot bodies and supporting women.

Strong women, strong bodies, strong minds.

“I hated my job as a lawyer, and I had fallen in love with this bar method thing”

We talk about:

Her move from San Francisco to the Midwest (Kansas)

Franchising – The what, where, who, and how

How Hoddy made the decision to open up a Bar Method

From client, to desk clerk, to teacher, to “micro-investor”, to franchiser

“You might love the sandwich that you just ate for lunch, but you should probably buy 100 sandwiches before you go open a Subway franchise.”

How opening up a franchise works

The decision to open a 2nd Bar Method and the changes that came from expanding

Staying ahead of the curve

“We, as a community, have done something really great and we touch hundreds and hundreds of women every day.”

“The ability for exercise to change people’s lives is pretty amazing and pretty tremendous.”

Bar Method Class:

VIP customer service

Childcare and showers provided

New class members get paired with more seasoned members for help

Classes are 60-minutes: A 1-hour strength training interval class

Light weights (2-3lb), a lot of upper body work and light leg work

Normally work in 1 inch range-of-motion and isometric holds

Muscle work and stretching

“We try to accommodate and give everybody the ability to take classes without excuses.”

Advice: Carve out time for yourself!

Just take downtime. If you’re stressed, that stress response can come out in different ways. – Hoddy chooses meditation.

Book Recommendation: Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg

[Connect with Hoddy:, Bar Method Kansas City Facebook]

Amanda Boleyn