SDH 021: Get Massive Impact with Energy with Anese Cavanaugh

Anese Cavanaugh is the creator of the IEP Method (Intentional Energetic Presence) as well as a leadership and collaboration advisor, strategist, and thinking partner for business leaders in the design, service and innovation spaces. Through her speaking, writing and creative leadership programs, people learn how to optimize their leadership and presence, bringing their best selves to the table for greater collaboration, impact, and cultural success.

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Intentional Energetic Presence: Before I walk into a room I’m setting an intention of how I want to show up, how I want to feel and how I want the people’s experience of me to be from being in that room. Being really conscious of how I show up.

  • Intentions: What do you want to create?

  • Energy: How do you take care of yourself so you feel really good?

  • Presence: How do I show up?

    • Stage presence + Charisma + Present in the Moment + Meditation

    • How present am I in this moment?

    • How present am I with the circumstances in my life?

“The more present I am from the inside-out, the more intentional I am, the better I take care of myself and the easier it is to put the IEP together.”


  1. People creating great impact but health and relationships are suffering and they’re exhausted – not sustainable.

  2. People who take really great care of themselves; however, they are not able to create the right kind of impact.

  3. People who are creating impact and they’re taking care of themselves but they leave “dead bodies” everywhere they go.

  • “Dead bodies”: You’re leading but you’re people aren’t following you because they want to follow you. They’re following because you’re giving them a paycheck and they’re afraid. – Leaving bad impact and making people feel like crap.

“Burnout is not always because somebody is working really hard and burning the candle at both ends […] people burn out more often when they get disconnected to purpose, and they get disconnected to their presence and what is actually happening.”

Burnout can come from an accumulation of present moments missed – Take some time to breathe and have downtime.

Boils down to the quality of the relationship with yourself, the quality of your connection to your purpose, the quality of how present you are, and the kind of support that you have in your life.

“We’re so ‘busy’, it has become this badge of honor, but we’re moving so fast that people lose connection to presence and they lose connection to the purpose of why they’re doing what they’re doing.”

“Busy” Alternatives :: “Richly Scheduled” or “Well Used”

IEP Method – Three Primary Components:

  1. Your ability to reboot your presence in a moment

  2. Being able to create intentional impact

    1. What are the outcomes I want?

    2. How do I want people to feel emotionally?

    3. How do I have to show up?

    4. What do I have to believe?

    5. What do I have to do?

  3. Building a strong energetic field and IEP foundation

“There are all these different pieces that are happening, in terms of energy and presence, that are constantly impacting how you show up with the world that we’re not even conscious of.”

Basics for Presence and Energy Checks:

Focus on your breath.

  • Think about where your butt is hitting the seat

  • Your feet hitting the ground

  • Your breath

Notice: “What is the relationship you have with what you’re working on?”

Identifying and Getting Back In Flow:

“I think our intuition is always 100% right, but our interpretation is sometimes wrong.”

Check in with the 4 Levels of The IEP Model

  1. Values and Purpose – You in the center

  2. Energy and Presence – Food, environment, emotional state

  3. Competencies and Leadership Skills – How you actually get things done in the world

  4. Impact your trying to have

“The Ick and The Umph”

  • The Ick: When you have the feeling that something is off – “Every time I ignore that feeling it kicks my butt! You ignore ‘The Ick’, it is going to come for you later”

  • The Umph: Heck yes – I  want this – It’s in flow

With The Ick – Go through the IEP levels and use it as a diagnostic tool

“What is one little thing you can do in each area that will help optimize that area for you?”

What is Impacting Our Space and Energy?

  • Environment – Don’t take it for granted.

“There is something about post-its and sharpies that completely turn me on and I feel very energized by them”

  • Energy is a choice - The stories we tell ourselves about energy.

    • Notice: How does the food that you’re eating and the decisions you’re making impact your energy?

-“It is about listening to yourself and listening to what feels good to you in your body, what feels good in your environment, and then designing your life to support that.”

-“Nobody is inspired by hearing how busy you are”

-“You can contribute to or detract from an energetic vibration at any time based upon the story you tell, how you show up, and your intentions behind it.”

-“Look at the stories you tell yourself and make sure they’re your stories, and if you’re going to tell stories make sure that they serve you.”

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