SDH 020: Design Your Future with Heidi Bartlett

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Heidi is a graphic designer a.k.a. “Graphic Gangsta, brand stylist and shop owner” at In the episode, Heidi chats about shifting from working full-time to part-time to becoming her own business owner and entrepreneur. She shares details on creating products for her shop and some of her wins and losses through entrepreneurship with a fascinating life story that carved the path from the beginning.

Heidi shares an incredible story of twists and turns in her life leading to her impending career as an entrepreneur in the graphic design space. From losing her father at a very young age to a divorce after a very short marriage right out of college, Heidi displays strength and grit while taking the reins of her life and paving a path for herself.

Heidi worked on Idieh Design while working full-timer as a graphic designer in the corporate world so she is surely familiar with the side-hustle.

“In a weird way I think I kind of thrive off change.”

Learning to Not Lean on Anyone Else:

  • Quickly learned that I didn’t need a man in her life to go out on her own

  • Therapy made a huge impact on my life in a positive way

  • Learning about yourself and realizing what you’re capable of made me realize, you know what no one else is going to make this happen

  • Being an independent person – depending on someone is more frightening than depending on yourself

“Knowing that in the end it’s me who is going to make it or break it in the business world, I like having the choice to make a change.”

Strategically Going Full-Time Entrepreneur:

  • Do I have some cash built up?

  • The timing felt right

  • Went full-time to part-time with the day job

  • Very open with the company and they were very supportive


“The freedom and flexibility to carve my own path.”

The Shop and Creating Products:

  • Research to know products are feasible to mass produce

  • Discusses pre-ordering for products

  • Checking quality and speed

“Try to just be okay with the now.”

Inspired: I read for enjoyment and to escape reality – Fine art – Fashion - Food

Advice: Trust your gut. Don’t over think those things that are right in front of you; they are telling you something internally… let it guide you.

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Amanda Boleyn