SDH 007: Finding Your Strength with Susanna Kalnes

Bio: Today we're interviewing Susanna Kalnes, a PR business owner, fitness trainer, TV host, life coach, and motivational speaker. Susanna is the creator of Chisel fo' Shizzel, a choreographed strength workout which she describes as "karaoke meets weightlifting".

"Muscle is the foundation of youth"

In the interview, Susanna walks us through her incredible story of her journey to health, fitness, and the foundation of her future fitness empire with Chisel fo' Shizzel.

“When you’re in the emergency room with your entire family thinking you’re having a heart attack and you’re only 24…”

As an experienced entrepreneur in both public relations and the fitness industry, Susanna brings a unique mix of business and fitness to the show.

“A lot of what prompted me was actual fear.”

Hear how Susanna balances work and life, prioritize her busy schedule and pinpoints her easiest and hardest parts of her day. She shares what she has learned over the last year,

“In order to succeed in life, it’s important to put the emphasis on others.”

[Find Susanna on, Instagram, Twitter (@SusannaKalnes)]

Susanna’s Book Rec: “Thoughts Make You Wealthy” – Richard Levy

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