SDH 150: How to Create Your Dream Product with the Co-Founders of Birdies

Have you noticed a need for a product in your daily life for what feels like decades? Are you tired of waiting for someone else to create it? 

The Co-founders of Birdies, Marisa Sharkey and Bianca Gates, took action against this constant void they faced. And for them it was a fashionable pair of slippers that they could wear around the house, entertain in, or wear in other people's houses. They were tired of having to go barefoot, having to wear their socks, or slippers more designed for their pj's. They wanted something that wouldn't compromise their stylish outfits, but also compliment their lives as working mothers on the go.

 They desired to create more than just a cute slipper. They wanted to invent a slipper with arch support, enabling a smooth transition from heel or hard flat to home, and ones that conformed to their body temperatures. Now. most of their styles come with the option of being quilted or faux shearling lined.

Neither Marisa or Bianca came from a entrepreneurial or manufacturing background (Yes, it's possible to be a lady boss without a business degree!). But by working their networks, and watching YouTube videos on how to make shoes, they were able to make their dream shoe into a reality.

Almost every woman introduced to the shoe loved it and through word of mouth their business sky rocketed. They realized they had a sustainable and successful business on their hands.

Relax and listen as you hear more about  Bianca and Marisa's story!

In this episode you will...

  • Know how to explicitly tailor your product to match not your customers' and your wants
  • Learn how to organically grow your business 
  • Understand when to jump onto business opportunities
  • Figure out how to ask for help when you really need it
  • Know how to be specific with your 'asks'
  • Find out how to evolve your revenue model for your growing business


"The idea was never to make this into the company that it is today, at the trajectory that we see this on. It was mainly, 'Can we solve the problem that we have experienced,' and what would that look like?" - Bianca Gates

"We are the target customer, so why don't we develop this for ourselves " -Bianca Gates

"We've recognized pretty quickly that there is a huge void in the marketplace; now that there is a solution, women realize that there is a problem and thank you for solving it." - Bianca Gates

"It was real authentic people liking the brand [and] product, and feeling like it helped them in their day-to-day moments at home. It's the story that people are really putting out there  [and] it's a story that we love." -Marisa Sharkey

"When you get specific with your 'asks', people really do want to help, but you have to help them help you." -Marisa Sharkey


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