SDH 135: How I handle my inner critic + 5 Actionable steps to start a podcast + Reflection on my first 6 week online course with Amanda Boleyn

Hi friends! Today is another solocast and I can't wait to share it! I'm currently writing this from Barcelona with a glass of red wine in hand right before heading to bed for another rewarding, intense day tomorrow. More about that later!

In today's solocast I hit on a various set of topics including:

  • How I handle my inner critic
  • Learn the meaning of DGAF (don't give a F**k!)
  • Initial steps to start a podcast (I promise you, it is easier than you think!)
  • How I noticed I used eating as a way of procrastination
  • Why not having buffers in your schedule can make you feel overwhelmed
  • Recap of my very first online course
    • What went well
    • What didn't go well or better yet, what I learned from launching it
    • What I might change for next time

Be sure to stay tuned for next Monday's solocast....I'll be recapping my monthly goals I set for February, going over the ones I made, changes I plan on making for March and how my mindset has shifted even more so than last month. 

Thank you guys for tuning in each week! I am so grateful for each and everyone of you for tuning in and follow along. 



Amanda Boleyn