SDH 129: 10 Things No One Tells You About Entrepreneurship Solocast with Amanda Boleyn

Hi friends! 

Another solocast today and I'm so excited to share these 10 things. I've rounded up some of the things I believe no one tells you about entrepreneurship plus I reached out to other female entrepreneurs in my network as well. 

I hope you're finding these solocasts helpful! Thank you to everyone for the positive feedback as well. You have no idea how much I appreciate y'all for tuning in each week too. :)

Real quick, real talk. Went to Hamilton the musical Tuesday night this week. Absolutely amazing. Officially on the Hamilton train - woot woot!

Okay, now back to regular programming ;)

Here are the 10 things no one tells you about entrepreneurship:

  1. You eat what you kill. You've heard me say this before but a friend of mine took it a step further. 
  2. You only get what you ask for.
  3. It can be insanely lonely. 
  4. You're constantly in experimenting.
  5. You watch your bank account like a hawk
  6. You must get out of your own way.
  7. Be patient.
  8. Make money is a good thing.
  9. You get really good at solving problems.
  10. You will be emotionally tested.

Don't forget to tune in Monday for Cordova's journey, part 2. Also, we are having a LIVE Q&A at 7pmCST with Cordova on Monday, February 13th on the She Did It Her Way Facebook page. If you can't make it, don't worry, we're going to make an episode out of it!

As always, thank you guys for tuning in! 

With gratitude,


Amanda Boleyn