SDH 082: How to Add Value Like a Boss with Jenna Atkinson

Do you think big? Well, it’s time to start thinking 10x bigger, because that’s what it takes to reach and surpass your goals and really make yourself an authority in your market.

Jenna Atkinson has founded her own consulting firm, writes regularly for business magazines, speaks, created the Growth Bomb podcast, and finds time to be involved in her community. Oh yeah, and she completes at least 15 revenue-generating activities every day.

How does she do it? Tune in to hear about all her techniques, tools, and tips for reaching goals and building an audience more efficiently than ever.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn how to think bigger than you ever imagined
  • Hear why learning sales skills will ensure your success – even if you’re not in ‘sales’
  • Understand why networking is such an important part of building a business
  • Discover what RGAs are, and why they’re key to surviving and growing in business
  • Get incredible tips on pitching yourself to publications in your industry

It’s time to really start thinking big!



“Know what you want and go after it.” – Jenna Atkinson

Amanda Boleyn