SDH 079: Go from Dreaming to Doing with Ashley La Fleur

Have you ever felt like finding the perfect job was impossible? Do you find yourself feeling dissatisfied at jobs that don’t challenge, encourage, or inspire you? Do you have a passion you’d like to pursue? Ashley La Fleur of La Belle Fleur Events found herself asking the same questions after graduating college in the middle of the recession and being unable to find inspiring work.

In today’s episode, Ashley talks to us about how she went from dreaming to doing, gives tips for going out on your own with little business experience, and lays out the steps she took to build a team—both within her organization and outside of it.

In this episode, you will…

  • Discover how to create the job of your dreams
  • Get Ashley’s 3 tips for success as an entrepreneur
  • Understand how a scarcity mindset can hold you back, and learn how to overcome it!
  • Hear how hiring an employee, even just for a few hours a week, will grow your business
  • Learn why it’s important to choose five core people to create a support network with



“I wanted my business to encompass lots of people.” – Ashley La Fleur

Amanda Boleyn