SDH 076: Lead Life Uncaged with Rebecca Tracey

Are you struggling to find the balance between your work life and personal life? Do you long to travel, but also have a burning desire to get your business booming? It’s time to get focused and have the best of your work world and personal world, living a life uncaged.

Today’s guest, Rebecca Tracey, started her online business, The Uncaged Life, on an 8-month road trip while she was living in a van and rock climbing. She found a way to balance her personal world and work world, and now, she’s helping others who want run an online business do the same! 

In this episode, you will learn…

  • How to leave shiny objects & stay focused
  • How to stop comparing your business & yourself to others on social media
  • The importance of marketing
  • How to deal with failure in a positive way

[Connect with Rebecca: Twitter (@rebecca_tracey,) Facebook (theUncagedLife,) Instagram (@rebeccatracey,) Website:


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Amanda Boleyn