SDH 074: Staying Social with Lauren Felix

There may come a time in your life when your side hustle becomes more important to you than your corporate job. You know that your heart isn’t fully in your day-to-day job, but you feel guilty. Maybe you have invested more time and money than you can count into your job, and you are scared to start over. Now is the time to overcome the fears, doubts, guilt, and start doing what you love by controlling your destiny.

Today’s guest, Lauren Felix, combined the skills she used in her corporate job in retail merchandising and her side hustle of blogging to become a social media consultant. As a social media consultant, Lauren helps lifestyle businesses find, engage, and convert their audiences into future customers using social media. Learn more at Lauren’s website socialmediawithstyle.

In this episode, you will learn…

  • Social media tips
  • How to find out what to price your service at
  • Steps, tricks, and tips on ways to define your target market
  • The difference between content and copy


  • Do The Work by Steven Pressfield
  • email app
  • Vision Board (thought we would throw this Huffington Post article in on the importance of & how-to-make a vision board)

P.S. We also have a special treat for you.....Lauren is giving She Did It Her Way podcast listeners 10% off any social media consulting package using code SDIHW through June 31, 2016.

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Tweet: “Give yourself some grace when things don’t go as planned.” @lpfashionista

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