SDH 057: Surviving Entrepreneurship with Sonia Thompson

Sonia Thompson is a successful business coach that helps entrepreneurs build their business, step by step. Ever since her teens, she had always wanted to have her own business. After graduating business school, she worked at Johnsons & Johnsons for 9 years. During this time, she became frustrated with small businesses and realized the  need for a business coach. This led to her departure from corporate America to help fill the much needed position as a business coach for entrepreneurs to build their dream business, with her own company TRY Business School.


Survival Topics

-Leaving Corporate America

-Hardest part about being an entrepreneur

-Building business from abroad


Entrepreneurial Success Quotes:

“A lot of people know what they want to do, but they are not really sure on how to get from point A to Point Z, so I give them B, C, D, E, F all between.”

“The skills, and things you learn in corporate America are great, fabulous, and I use them today, but there are skills that you need to be an entrepreneur that you cannot learn, until you become an entrepreneur and start doing it.”

“As I work with my clients, and different people helping them figure out how to problem solve in their business, because I am in these uncomfortable situations outside of my comfort zone, in a different country learning another language, it helps me to expand the way I think, which in turn helps me help my clients expand the way they think and problem solve as well.”

“The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is dealing with your mind. It’s a daily battle.”

“Whether it’s overcoming imposter syndrome, or getting over your own self doubt or confidence issues, or being a perfectionist, or maybe it’s even organizing your day to establish good habits and being good time management…all these things start with a conversation you have in your head.”

“Be persistent, consistent, and relentless in your learning,; you can figure anything out, you just have to be determined enough to do it. Make sure you do it your way.”

[Connect with Sonia: Twitter (@TRYbizschool), Facebook (TRY Business School) Youtube (MYTRYBusiness), Website:trybizschool]


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