SDH 214: How to Break Societal Norms and Do It Your Way with Lizzi Cutler

When was the last time that you did something for yourself? Where you went against what society told you was right, and did what you knew in your heart was best for you?

Today’s guest Lizzi Cutler, has made a business of helping people sort through those questions, and live the best life they can! Lizzi does so with various yoga, meditation, retreats, and an Energy Editing system that teaches clients to find themselves mentally, spiritually, and physically. She helps clients release old and negative mindsets, and shift their belief systems and thoughts into a powerful space so they can become more productive, and strong individuals and leaders!

Lizzi’s path to her business was a little scattered, however. After she graduated college with a theater degree, she realized she didn’t want to stay in LA to pursue acting. So she moved to Chicago, and became a mortgage loan officer, even though she knew nothing about the field. However the market was booming, and she was very successful and bought a condo at the age of 23, but she was miserable. She was so miserable at her job that her boss pulled her aside, and told her she was too young to hate her job this much, and that she needed to quit. She then went on to work as a project manager for a custom home builder, and then as an executive assistant for a hedge fund. Through that position, she fell in love and followed him to Tokyo when his job relocated him. 

It was in Tokyo, that her love for meditation and yoga was formed. She began understanding the energy surrounding us, as it flows and decided she wanted to be a part of the field. When she returned back to Chicago, she started to notice the strengthening of her intuition but didn’t know what to do with her new gifts. After talking with a friend, she was referred to a psychic for an intuitive training session where she found out she was a healer. Since the psychic was retiring, she sent her to someone else who acted as her mentor as she followed her intuitive path. 

After 2-3 months, she began working with another channel and healer named Steph. For their first session, Lizzi found out she had clairvoyant audient gifts, as well, meaning she could obtain random drops of knowledge in another voice. So she began giving in to her clairvoyance and started having visions and listening to the voices that came to her when performing reiki on people. She started repeating what she was hearing and seeing them during these sessions, and found that a lot her intuitions were accurate!

As she further developed her brand, services, and gifts, she came up with her program Turn Left. The program targets people at huge crossroads in their lives, that know what their heart wants to do but are conflicted by what their mind, community, and teachings tell them to do; which is to play it safe. One way she helps people fight their fears and societal norms is by having them write on the back of a postcard when they “turned left” in the past, or where they see it happening in the future. She then encourages them to post it on social media, as a form of declaration of their strength and courage!

Tune in to hear more about Turn Left and its origin, and Lizzi’s path to understanding her talents!

In this episode you will…

  • Not let your fears over take your life
  • Have the courage to step away from situations that you’re heart is not invested in
  • Follow your intuitive instincts
  • Discover what your money blocks are
  • Be able to decide what type of woman and entrepreneur you want to be
  • Shift your mindset to bring in positive energy


“We all have these fears and these doubts that we face, and those fears are very real and very tangible…And they live in us [and] until you’re ready to face those fears, you’re just stuck…and it’s when we choose to face those fears that  a) our life opens up and b) you realize those fears are total bullshit.” -Lizzi Cutler

“Vulnerability is the source of connection…it really varies for each person. And I think for me, a lot of it was stemming from my power center…and it was a lot about feeling not enoughness…feeling like someone always knew more…all this bullshit that was keeping me really small [and preventing me from] presenting what I do. [But] I get such a charge and so much love back from watching my clients’s one of those beyond ‘aha’ moments.” -Lizzi Cutler

“It’s never about the actual dollar. It’s about whatever you want to be feeling that you’re afraid to feel, and how do we get you more comfortable with feeling that? By shifting the thing that’s keeping you stuck, and you do the work. I’m providing the space and showing you how, so you become your own healer. And that to me is more empowering than anything else.” -Lizzi Cutler


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