SDH 208: How to Develop Your Mindset & Determine Your Path with Candy Nelson

How do you develop a dream if no one ever told you to have one? Where did your drive originate? When did your calling come to you?

We dive into Candy Nelson’s answers to those questions in today's episode! Candy is the founder of Volunteer CEO, a life coaching business, and a nonprofit organization, Animal Friends Sanctuary, along with several other businesses. Her non-profit rescues abandoned animals and give them a home, it also provides a safe place for kids who have been sexually and physically abused, and kids in the foster care system. At Animal Friends Sanctuary, at-risk youth get to hear the stories of the animals in their shelter and play with them. Through that connection Candy wants to give the kids hope and a sense of relief from their own hardships in life.

Candy came from humble beginnings herself and grew up in a trailer home with two teen parents. With her father working as a mechanic, and her mother as a maid, they grinded to give Candy a better life than they had, and eventually was able to send her to private school. But at private school, Candy felt that her creativity, aspirations, and education on the world was being stifled. There were no counselors in the school, and she felt like she had no one to talk to. She knew in her gut that the environment was wrong for her, but she wasn’t sure in what way and how to even remedy her internal conflict. 

It wasn’t until she was 15 years old that she began to dream bigger, and began to aspire to goals outside of what her environment presented her with. The big motivator behind her epiphany was a none other than Tony Robbins. While watching T.V at 3 am on her couch, she came across his Personal Power infomercial. She said because she never had any structured beliefs, she was more receptive to his messages about empowering people to change their lives, and not allowing themselves to be products of their surroundings.  She was determined to soak up as much of his guidance as she could. After failing to get her dad to pay for his cassette tapes, she managed to get a credit card, and got the entire set. 

While listening to the tapes, she started to brainstorm and write down her personal goals that she wanted to complete by 30, which she ended up accomplishing by 23. A couple of her goals were to graduate high school and go to college. She got a scholarship to Ohio State University and studied Criminology because she thought she could make a difference in the world. However, being trapped in a classroom all day made her feel like she was wasting her potential. 
She had gumption and drive, but no idea where to channel it. After talking with her dad about her crossroads, he suggested she start a business and took out a second mortgage on their house. In 1999, when she was only 19, she built her Platinum Salon & Spa and was determined to make her business a success since so much was at stake. Thanks to the love and support from her community, her first business was a hit!

Since her spa and salon was such a success, she didn’t want to lose her momentum. So at 23, she decided to get into real-estate. She began buying some commercial and residential buildings around her shop to flip and hold in order to gain some extra income and expertise. One building she bought sat around for a year because she didn’t know what to do with it. As she drove past it one night, she heard a strong inner voice tell her to put her animal shelter there. She had no experience with non-profits or a clue about the legal hoops she’d need to jump through. What she did know was that she had a deep love and passion for helping animals. After reaching out to her network, help began flooding in, and they were able to take an abandoned building into a facility that has saved the lives of over 3,000 animals!

Get comfy and listen to more about Candy’s businesses, life story, and how she continues to expand her business ventures!
In this episode you will…

  • Learn to find the motivation to aspire to bigger goals and take action
  • Find ways to channel your drive
  • Be able to utilize leverage in your life and turn it into motivation
  • Turn negative criticism into determination
  • See how to venture into other industries after you successfully start your first business
  • Become more attentive to the guiding voice in your head 


“We have all of the answers inside of us. Everything that you want to accomplish, your purpose, your mission, your passion in life is inside of us. But we are so bombarded with the noise of…who we are supposed to be…that sometimes, just in those moments when it’s just you and those thoughts, and your soul, that you’re actually able to hear exactly what it is you’re supposed to do.”-Candy Nelson

“When you have enough leverage in life to do something spectacular, no matter what it is, you will perform…failure'snot an option.” -Candy Nelson

“The mindset to me is so immensely important. If you rip away every other talent or skill that somebody has, and you give them the right mindset…to me that will accomplish more in your lifetime than any other degree, talent or skill you can possibly develop because you will always find a way, and you will always make a way.” -Candy Nelson

“When someone says  you can’t, that becomes fuel to say I will.” -Candy Nelson

“Always have a set of something that you’re working on. It doesn’t have to be financial, it could be contribution, generosity, becoming the best mom or daughter…[have] something you’re always working for, because what I have found is that when you’re foot is on the gas, and when you finally get there…you start to coast." -Candy Nelson

“When you are so decisive and clear on what you want to accomplish, the universe conspires to make it happen. And I know that’s a corny quote but my life is literally a proof of that.” -Candy Nelson
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