SDH 194: What to Expect When You Quit Your Job and take The Leap with Amanda Boleyn

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The biggest thing here is to remember that everyone’s journey is different. For some of you when you walk in and take THE leap you could have a sense of calm come over you, excitement and for others it may be something like “Oh my gawd. What did I just do?” and that is okay. Those feels are totally normal.

One thing I have noticed is that the journey of an entrepreneur the first year in business is different from that of second year, third year and so on.

If you can get through the first couple of years, have a strategic plan and surround yourself with the right people you can continue growing your business long-term.

For the sake of this podcast I’m going to walk through some of the first year woes ;)

Also, stay tuned at the end of the show to hear from Tess Wicks who will be presenting on how to price for profits. 

Amanda Boleyn