SDH 169: How to Stay Focused and Protect What Serves You with Host, Amanda Boleyn

Today I'm sharing the three things to help you stay focused and protect the things that serve you, or what I like to call, "Anchors."

What is an anchor? An anchor is something that when you do that ONE THING (or maybe 2 or 3 things) it will impact everything else in your day for good. That might be eating healthy, getting enough sleep, limiting your alcohol intake, hanging out with the RIGHT people. What are your anchors?

After you understand your anchors it is good to know how to keep them in place. Humans motivation in life is because we either want to gain pleasure or avoid pain. Everything we do, decisions we make it either because we want to gain pleasure or avoid pain. Think about procrastination. In the moment we get more pleasure by pushing off the things we need to do than the pain we get from not doing them. Until it gets closer to our deadline and the pain of not doing what we need to do is greater than the pleasure of pushing it off.

Figure out what is stuff + noise vs. energy in your life. What gives you energy and what is just STUFF? Stuff could be daily tasks, people, environment, thoughts. Audit your daily life. Toggl is a great tool to track time and everything you do to provide a snap shot to help you become aware of those activities. 

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Amanda Boleyn